Lake Fountain Project
The LPV Board is considering placing a fountain in the lake similar to those that the Dobson Ranch Association has in three of their lakes.  AquaMaster is a company that makes fountains for HOA’s like ours.  The proposed fountain would be a 1 HP size that would shoot a center spout about 10-12 feet high along with a smaller circular spray around the base. 

As presented the total cost of the fountain and installation would be approximately $10,500.  Ongoing cost would mainly be for electricity and that would depend on the amount of time that the fountain is run.

LPV Homeowners who have been here since the 1990’s will remember there once was a lake fountain here operating during the day that provided a pleasant visual along with white noise from the splashing water.  The Board has heard from some homeowners already that the fountain should be brought back as it added a lot to the livability of LPV. 

The Board is hesitant to sign off on this project as it is facing a number of other projects that are expensive in the next 1-3 years including:  repainting the exterior of the HOA, resealing the roads/driveways in the  complex, refurbishing the terraced corners of the lake and recoating the roofs for 11 buildings plus the clubhouse . Plus, unforeseen expenses this year which include replacing the fire hydrants at a cost of $13,500 and fixing the front gate entry pads that recently stopped working at a cost of $3,850 for a new call box.  As our community ages, things are wearing out.

This fountain project may seem to some homeowners a luxury we should not consider.  Thus homeowner input is important to the Board before a decision to go ahead with this project is made.
Picture of Fountain Similar to Suggested Model
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Lake Showing Location of Fountain
Yes 2
No 6
Not Now 3
Total 11
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Results as of 11/22/2017