On behalf of the Board of Directors, welcome to our community web site.
Lake Park Village Homeowners Association
The Lake Park Village Condo Board of Directors Meetings are
normally scheduled for the first Wednesday of the month at 3:00 pm
in the LPV Clubhouse.

The next Board Meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 6th  
   in the LPV Clubhouse
  at 3:00 pm

Homeowner/ Renter Alert
In the building housing units 19-28 there is a roof rat infesstation that the HOA is taking quick & aggressive steps to eradicate.

The residents of the affected building have been notified of the actions we will be taking regarding that building. These include hiring a pest control company to put down traps and determine where rats are gaining access, tree trimming and inspecting roofs for potential access points.

If you see or hear what you believe to be roof rats please contact our property manager, bryan.palmaioli@tcpm.net.

We will also provide further information, updates on this web site.

Other ways to fight this infestation can be learned from the following web sites: